Misc Charge Air Cooler (ATAAC)

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Misc Charge Air Cooler (ATAAC)$712.98
Tag #: 29-070104 
Serial #: 44FR5J 
OEM #: 44FR5J  
NEW: Freightliner & Sterling Charge Air Cooler Fits FL70-80, Bus & Acterra Charge Air Cooler Fits Freightliner & Sterling - High Quality Air Cooler - Inches Core Size - 27.250 Height - 25.000 Width - 1.625 Core Thickness - 3.500 Inlet - 3.500 Outlet - Sold Individually - Warranty On Charge Air Cooler Against Defects In Workmanship & Material From Date Of Purchase -- Please Verify OE Numbers, Dimensions, Hose Connection Size And Locations Before Purchasing Charge Air Coolers, There May Be More Than One Option For Your Year, Make And Model-- *** High Quality After Market Replacement Part (Not OEM)*** - Replaces OEM #’s: 123330002, 1SA00211S, 1SA00229, 1SA00229R, 1SA00230, 1SA00230R, 1SA00234, 1SA00234R, 1SA00236, 1SA00236R, 1SA00274, 1SA00274R, 1SA00275, 1SA00275R, 1SA00278, 1SA00278R, 1SA00279, 1SA00279R, 1SA00280, 1SA00280R, 1SA00282, 1SA00283, 1SA00283R, 1SA00283S, 1SA00284, 1SA00284R, 1SA00284S, 1SA00285, 1SA00285R, 1SA00286, 1SA00286R, 1SA00287, 1SA00287R, 2SS00126, A0516910008, A0516910009, A0516910010, A0516910011, A0516910013, BHT1SA00229, BHT1SA00229R, BHT1SA00230, BHT1SA00230R, BHT1SA00234, BHT1SA00234R, BHT1SA00236, BHT1SA00236R, BHT1SA00274, BHT1SA00274R, BHT1SA00275, BHT1SA00275R, BHT1SA00278, BHT1SA00278R, BHT1SA00279, BHT1SA00280, BHT1SA00283, BHT1SA00284, BHT1SA00284R, BHT1SA00285, BHT1SA00285R, BHT1SA00286, BHT1SA00286R, BHT1SA00287, BHT1SA00287R, BHT2AA00105, BHT2AA00126, BHT2SS00126, BHT61777, BHT79052, BHTB0175, BHTD5470, EXO2AH00105, EXO2AH00126, A05-16910-008, A05-16910-009, A05-16910-010, A05-16910-011, A05-16910-013 -- This Item Is Special Ordered From The Manufacturer And Could Take Up To 3 Days For Delivery. Call To Confirm Delivery Date. --. Freightliner & Sterling Charge Air Cooler Fits FL70-80, Bus & Acterra.