Misc Charge Air Cooler (ATAAC)

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4579 MO-43
Joplin, MO 64802
United States of America
Misc Charge Air Cooler (ATAAC)$675.00
Tag #: 29-070112 
Serial #: 44FR5Y 
OEM #: 44FR5Y  
NEW: Freightliner & Sterling Charge Air Cooler BestFit Charge Air Cooler Fits Freightliner & Sterling - High Quality Air Cooler - Inches Core Size - 34.750 Height - 26.000 Width - 2.500 Core Thickness - 4.000 Inlet - 4.000 Outlet - Sold Individually - Warranty On Air Cooler Against Defects In Workmanship & Material From Date Of Purchase -- Please Verify OE Numbers, Dimensions, Hose Connection Size And Locations Before Purchasing Charge Air Coolers, There May Be More Than One Option For Your Year, Make And Model-- ---High Quality Aftermarket Replacement Part (Not OEM)*** - Replaces OEM #’s: 0131242000, 0131242002, 3A0573270009, 3E0118500001, 3E011850001, 3E0137530001, 3E118500001, 3S0137530001, 3S013753001, 3S0137531, 3S0139230001, 3S118501, 3S137531, 531040006, 531040007, 531114002, 531114003, A0526614012, A0526614013, A0526614016, A0527743000, A0527743001, A0527743002, A0527743003, A0527743004, A0527743006, A0527745000, A0527745002,A0527745004, A0527745006, A0527745016, A0527745017,A0527745018, A0527745019, A0527745020, A0527745021, A0527745032, A0527745034, A0527745036, A0527745037, A0527745038, A0527745048, A0527745049, A0527745050, A0527745053, A0527745054, A0527745056, A0527745058, A0527745060, A0527745062, A0529627000, A0529627003, A0529627019, A0529629002, A0530033000, A0530033001, A0530033003, A0530033004, A0530033005, A0530033007, A0530357000, A0530357001, A0530357003, A0530357004, A0530357005, A0530357007, A0530602003, A0530676000, A0530676002, A0530676003, AA0530676001, MOD3E118500001, MOD3S0137530001, MOD3S0137531, MOD3S118501, MOD3S137531, A05-26614-012, A05-26614-013, A05-26614-016, A05-27743-000, A05-27743-001, A05-27743-002, A05-27743-003, A05-27743-004, A05-27743-006, A05-27745-000, A05-27745-002, A05-27745-004, A05-27745-006, A05-27745-016, A05-27745-017, A05-27745-018, A05-27745-019, A05-27745-020, A05-27745-021, A05-27745-032, A05-27745-034, A05-27745-036, A05-27745-037, A05-27745-038, A05-27745-048, A05-27745-049, A05-27745-050, A05-27745-053, A05-27745-054, A05-27745-056, A05-27745-058, A05-27745-060, A05-27745-062, A05-29627-000, A05-29627-003, A05-29627-019, A05-29629-002, A05-30033-000, A05-30033-001, A05-30033-003, A05-30033-004, A05-30033-005, A05-30033-007, A05-30357-000, A05-30357-001, A05-30357-003, A05-30357-004, A05-30357-005, A05-30357-007, A05-30602-003, A05-30676-000, A05-30676-002, A05-30676-003. Freightliner & Sterling Charge Air Cooler.