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KENWORTH T800 HOOD oem #:L29-1033, K146-1329, K146-1328

Enterprise $2585.42
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(1869) LKQ Thompson Motors - Wykoff

125 S Gold St PO Box 38
Wykoff, MN 55990
KENWORTH T800 HOOD $2585.42
Tag #: RFV KN0700-CLENGTH: 53"
OEM #: L29-1033, K146-1329, K146-1328 COLOR: WHITE
NEW: This is a premium short fiberglass (paint to match) hood for a 1995 - 2007 Kenworth T-800 B, with a curved windshield, measuring 53 inches long, 60.5 inches cab width and 93.5 inches total width. (in crate)
(1869) LKQ Thompson Motors - Wykoff

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